Our areas of expertise

With more than 20,000 different species, our bees are ready to answer all your requests: video, advertising poster, website and more.


Whether the purpose of information or promotional purposes, video has become currently the most accessible media to communicate about your product or brand. With six legs and four wings each, realize our bees with special care your video projects: commercial or corporate, teaser, trailer, etc.


The challenge of a print advertising campaign is to succeed to link your brand with its consumers and whatever the medium used: press kit, poster advertising, POS, promotional page in a magazine, graphic design, creation logos, etc. Forget storks, pigeons and other birds, now it's the bees that have the best communication service!


Through access to information continuously, the web is now a key element of successful communication. Even word of mouth is digital: social networks, share links and videos, blog, etc. On the web, your website will showcase your brand. To survive in this world of pixels, our bees are like Morpheus and help you tame the Matrix.


BtoB a salon, or BtoC, a showroom or a private launch party, many events where we can make your brand visible and attractive to your partner. For it is the originality of your stand will allow you to stand out. At WildBees, we usually build hives!

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